Residential building renewal / Lakóház felújítás
Budapest, Lujza str / utca

The Integrated Urban Development Strategy (2004) of the 8th District states that during the nineties the district was without any prospects and future possibilities. Since then substantial developments have been carried out. However the social problems concentrated in this area: in the Magdolna quarter. The aim of the future developments is to increase the competitiveness of the districts (by developing the central areas) and to continue the fight against the spatial and social division of the district.
The improvement of the local housing stock was of great importance as a large part of the stock was in a dilapidated condition and consisted of small often overcrowded units with unhealthy conditions. This was true especially for municipally‐owned buildings. The critical state of the housing stock is reflected in the statistics: out of the approximately 5,500 units in the neighbourhood, 37% were of substandard quality and 42% were in municipal ownership. This is more than four times higher than the average for the city of Budapest which had an even higher proportion of substandard units (2001 census).

The housing interventions represented a substantial part of the project. Two municipal buildings were fully renewed - one of them Lujza u 14. - which meant that the inhabitants were moved out during the renovation, the units were modernised, bathrooms installed, and some were enlarged by including the space formerly occupied by shared toilets. The number of units decreased as the rear wings of the buildings were pulled down and temporary apartments were eliminated.
This building was totally renewed, including the replacement of water mains and sewage pipes, which enabled the tenants to install new bathrooms. The structural elements were fixed and windows and doors were changed if this was needed. The façade of the building was renovated.

[Integrated Approach to Social and Economic Inclusion Background material, Compiled by György Alföldi, Éva Gerőházi, Eszter Somogyi, Iván Tosics.]

Designers / Tervezők : Rév8 Zrt
Design Team / Tervező csapat: Alföldi György, Szabó Lea
Client / Építtető: Budapest VIII. Kerület Józsefvárosi Önkormányzat
Projekt manager: Horváth Dániel, Kázár Katalin
Built surface / Beépített m2: 682 m2
Building cost / Építési költség: 0,45 mEuro
Photos: Faragó Csaba, Alföldi György

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